Small grants for workshops in social ontology

One of the key aims of ISOS is to foster innovative approaches and collaborations in social ontology, as well as to support research in social ontology regionally and globally. In service of this, we have started a pilot program to help fund workshops in social ontology.

In 2022, we will be financially supporting 11 workshops on a variety of topics in social ontology -- all organized by ISOS members. These workshops were selected from an open call for applications in late 2021. We will provide more information about the workshops as it becomes available. Congratulations to all our grant recipients!

Francesco Camboni and Valeria Martino, Unpacking the Social World: Groups and Solidarity, Genoa and Turin, June 

Peter Finocchiaro and Jenny Li, Frontiers in Social Metaphysics, Wuhan University, May

Yorgos Karagiannopoulos, Ervin Kondakciu, The Ontology of Politics: Institutions, Movements, Agents, Action and Power, University of Groningen, June

Kathrin Koslicki and Marco Marabello, The Philosophy of Artifacts: Ancient and Contemporary Perspectives, Université de Neuchâtel, July

Andreea Popescu, Themes for Raimo Tuomela's Social Ontology, University of Bucharest, June

Siiri Porkkala, Kaisa Kärki, Guido Robin Löhr, Beyond the Binary: Workshop on genderqueer identities and social constructionism, University of Tampere, May

Kevin Richardson and Asya Passinsky, 2022 Social Metaphysics Workshop, Duke University, June

Gloria Sansò, Barry Smith, Ontology of Finance, University at Buffalo, May

Gerhard Thonhauser and Martin Weichold, Approaching collective action transdisciplinarily, Technische Universität Darmstadt, June/July

Bill Wringe, Barış Kaştaş, Evrensel Sebep, Ahmet Gönüllü, Social Ontology for Political Philosophers, Bilkent University, September/October

Philip Yaure, Social Ontologies of Oppression, Solidarity, and Care, Chicago, February

Below, you can find the information that was provided to  grant applicants. We hope to run the application process again in late 2022, for workshops to be held in 2023. We encourage you to start thinking about how our 2023 workshop grants might work for you.

ISOS Workshop Grant Fund - information for applicants.pdf

ISOS Workshop Grant Application Form.docx

ISOS Workshop Grant Fund Budget Template.xlsx

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