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What are social groups? What are corporations and institutions? What is money, language, and the law? Social ontology is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of the social world and how it works. ISOS is the international organization of philosophers, social theorists, cognitive scientists, economists, and other scholars in the field. We welcome academics and students from across the disciplines to join us.

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ISOS supports two series of international conferences in the field of social ontology, held in alternating years.

Social Ontology 2018: We also support the biennial "Collective Intentionality" series. The headline title for our next conference in this series, Collective Intentionality XI, will be "Social Ontology 2018". It will be held in Boston, MA, US from August 22-25, 2018. This follows our tenth successful conference, "Collective Intentionality X," held in The Hague in 2016.

More about Social Ontology 2018 in Boston

ENSO VI, 2019: We support the biennial ENSO (European Network for Social Ontology) conferences. Planning for the sixth ENSO conference is underway.

Journal of Social Ontology

The Journal of Social Ontology was founded by ISOS to feature work in social ontology and collective intentionality. The topics that JSO covers range from small-scale everyday interactions to encompassing societal institutions, from expert teams to hierarchical organizations, and from unintended consequences to institutional design. Membership in ISOS supports open access to the journal.

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Essay Competition Winner

ISOS is pleased to announce that Leonie Smith of the University of Manchester has won the 2016 ISOS Essay Competition for junior scholars with her essay, "The Curious Case of Ronald McDonald’s Claim to Rights: An Ontological Account of Differences in Group and Individual Person Rights."  

"International Social Ontology Society" is registered as a non-profit organization in Austria.

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