Workshop Title: Complexity, Ontology, and Social Change

Workshop Description: Societies are complex dynamic systems, as are hearts, brains, ant hills, weather systems, economies, and ecosystems. Complex systems, in contrast, to simple systems, are not straightforwardly decomposable into independent parts, the operations on the parts are not necessarily linear, and they are self-organizing and stable due to feedback loops (Ladyman et al 2013). Complex systems can appear chaotic because theinteractions between the parts are non-linear and unpredictable. But nevertheless, the whole displays patterns and regularities.

(still drafting it, but will use our proposal as a start)

Dates: October 6-7, 2023

Location: MIT

Call for papers to go out: March 1

Paper submissions due: June 1

Decisions made: Early August

Keynote Speakers: TBA

Workshop Organizers: Sally Haslanger (MIT) and Sahar Heydari Fard (OSU)

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