The conference will start at noon on Wednesday, August 22, and run through the evening of Saturday, August 25. Please try not to miss the beginning or end! So if you're traveling, please plan to arrive Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, and leave on Sunday. You might also consider arriving earlier and/or leaving later to visit Boston, Cape Cod, and other places in the region.

Here is a draft of the program as of August 7; please expect some talks to be moved around in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, August 22

Thursday, August 23

Friday, August 24

Saturday, August 25

9:00 am

Keynote address by Daron Acemoglu

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

Parallel Sessions

Block D

Keynote address by Edwin Etieyibo

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

9:30 am

10:00 am

10:30 am

Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break

11:00 am

Parallel Sessions

Block B

Parallel Sessions

Block E

Parallel Sessions

Block G

11:30 am

12:00 pm


Lobby of Cabot Hall, 170 Packard Ave., Tufts University, Medford MA 02155

12:30 pm

1:00 pm

Lunch and small-group discussions

Lunch and small-group discussions

Lunch and ISOS Assembly Meeting

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

1:30 pm

Opening remarks and

Keynote address by Sally Haslanger

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

2:00 pm

2:30 pm

Parallel Sessions

Block C

Parallel Sessions

Block F

Parallel Sessions

Block H

3:00 pm

3:30 pm

Coffee break

4:00 pm

Parallel Sessions

Block A

Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break

4:30 pm

Keynote address by Scott Shapiro

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

Keynote address by Kit Fine

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

Keynote address by Cristina Bicchieri

ASEAN auditorium, Cabot Hall

5:00 pm

5:30 pm

6:00 pm

Drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres

Hall of Flags, Cabot Hall

Drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres

Hall of Flags, Cabot Hall

To downtown Boston: MBTA red line from Davis Square to Park Street Station

Drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres

Hall of Flags, Cabot Hall

6:30 pm

7:00 pm


Breed Hall, 51 Winthrop Street, Tufts University, Medford


Breed Hall, 51 Winthrop Street

Drinks and Dinner

Carrie Nation, 11 Beacon Street, Boston (close to Massachusetts State House)


Breed Hall, 51 Winthrop Street

Block A: Wednesday, August 22, 4:00-6:00pm

A1—Room #

A2—Room #

A3—Room #

A4—Room #

A5—Room #

A6—Room #

A7—Room #

Essence of Social Metaphysics

Ontology of Racial Categories

Social Kinds as Real Kinds

Nature of Institutions

Revisiting Collective Responsibility

Components of the Social World

Norms and Powers

4:00 – 4:30

Asya Passinsky

A Normative Hylomorphic Theory of Social Objects

Christopher Chapple

Lifeless: An Examination of the Ontological Status of Black Males Under the Law

Zili Dong

The Reality of Institutional Kinds: A Causal Account

Sean Cordell

Institutions, Functions, and Ethics

Holly Lawford-Smith

Collective Responsibility Revisited

Bernhard Nickel The Division of Ideological Labor

Åsa Burman

Telic Power

4:30 – 5:00

Michael Raven

A Puzzle for Social Essences

Patrick O'Donnell

White Supremacy as Metaphysics

Naomi Scheman

From the Social World to Stones and Back Again

Joshua Rust

Institutional Identity

Christopher Fruge

Against the Collective Responsibility of Groups

Matteo Bianchin

Ideology and Social Structures

Russ McBride

Deontic Binding

5:00– 5:30

Roberta Ferrario + Daniele Porello

An Ontological Analysis of Groups As Complex Variable Embodiments

John Oduor

The Religious Conception of Social Ontology In Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety and Its Implications For the Philosophy of Race

Tuomas Vesterinen

The Explanatory Power of Natural Kinds

Laura Perez

Visual Perception, Social Institutions and Corruption

Bill Wringe

What Can We Do? Collective Ability, Collective Obligation and Non-Agent Groups

Alexander Dietz

Unit-of-Agency Dilemmas

Daniel James

Power as a Social Ability—Towards a Philosophical Explication


Yannick Slade-Caffarel

The Cambridge View of Emergence

Darien Polock

Beyond Pluralism: Racial Concepts, Pejorative Content, and Racial Eliminitivism

Odin Kroeger

The Metaphysics of Intersectionality

Randall Westgren

Identity, Identification, and Intention in Formal Organizations

Olle Blomberg

Responsibility Gaps and Attributionism

Ludger Jansen

The Formal and the Informal—Towards an Integrative Theory of the Social

Block B: Thursday, August 23, 11:00am-1:00pm

B1—Room #

B2—Room #

B3—Room #

B4—Room #

B5—Room #

B6—Room #

B7—Room #

Nature of Social Kinds

Gender and Social Construction

Documents and Collective Speech

Group Minds and Group Action

Individualism and the Social

Responsibility and Complex Collectives

Behavior and Practices in Social Ontology


Rachel Cooper

On the Distinction between Natural and Social Kinds

Rose Bell

Inside and Out: Ascriptivism about Gendered Traits

Gloria Sansò

Felicity Conditions of Document Acts

Michelle Dyke

What Do Lisa, Her College’s Tango Club, and the US Marine Corps Have in Common? Rethinking What It Takes to Be An Agent

Francesco Guala

Rescuing Individualism, or How Supervenience May Survive the Materialist Challenge

Andras Szigeti

Judgment Aggregation and Collective Responsibility

Barbara Fultner

Joint Intentionality and Embodiment: A Performative Account of Collective Action


Frank Hindriks

Socially Constructed Kinds


Social Categories, Social Construction, and the Problem of Passing

Marcus Hedahl

Writing Together: What the President’s Daily Brief Can Reveal About the Significance of Collective Written Testimony

Kenneth Silver

Group Action Without Group Minds

Jo-Jo Koo

What is the Relevance of Social Ontology for Social Scientific Research? A Comparison of Little’s and Epstein’s Conceptions of Social Ontology

Onni Hirvonen

Two Kinds of Group Responsibility

Megan Stotts

Toward a Behavioral Account of Social Institutions


Elanor Taylor

Naturalness, Context and Social Categories

Nick Kroll + Bennett Helm

Discoverability and Contestability in Social Construction (of Gender)

Line Edslev Andersen + K. Brad Wray

Collective Authorship: What We Can Learn From Retraction Notices

Daniel Story

Joint Action without Theory of Mind

Jasper Heaton

Structuralism and Individualism Functioning Together

Hein Duijf

Responsibility in Equilibrium

Torsten Menge

What Determines the Boundaries of a Political Community?


Pawel Banas + Krzysztof Poslajko

There Are Only Two Kinds of Social Kinds

Jaana Virta

Social Construction of Gender in the Theory of Gender Performativity

Cosim Sayid

Communication, Inc.

Brian Flanagan

Intuitions about Group Minds: Public Evidence

Graham Hubbs

Individualism, Psychologism, and Collective Intentionality

Pekka Mäkelä + Raul Hakli

Hybrid Agents and Responsibility Sharing

Noriaki Okamoto

Interpreting Collectively Accepted Social Norms from a Perspective of Performativity

Block C: Thursday, August 23, 2:30-4:00pm

C1—Room #

C2—Room #

C3—Room #

C4—Room #

C5—Room #

C6—Room #

C7—Room #

Ontology and Civic Improvement

Nature of Oppression

Collective Epistemology

Analyzing Social Kinds

Nature of Rules

Mutual Action

Collective Action


Peter Levine

What Should We Do? The Bloomington School and the Citizen's Question

Katharine Jenkins

Understanding Oppressive Ontologies

Anne Schwenkenbecher

Collective Inaction and Group-Based Ignorance

Laura Kane

The Ontological Identity of the Family: Sociality, Purpose, and Care

Raimo Tuomela

Constitutive Rules are Not Reducible to Regulative Ones

Anne-Sofie Munk Autzen

Collaborative Improvisation and Shared Intention

Mikko Salmela + Michiru Nagatsu

Interpersonally Scaffolded Affectivity: The Social Motivation Approach


Eduardo Martinez

Populism, Social Groups, and Democratic Health

Laura Martin

The Social Ontology of Systemic Injustice

Sven Delarivière

Groups As (Epistemic) Agents: A Conceptual Defence For Changing the Subject

Konrad Werner + Krystian Wiciarz

Towards an Ontology of the Echo Chamber

Jeffrey Kaplan

How to Make a Rule: A Defense of a Supposedly Refuted Theory

Matthew Rachar

How We Act Together

Lovey Vikram

Understanding Collective Emotions


Lien Pham

Responsibility and Freedom in Community Activism: A Case For Sustainable Development In Vietnam’s Emerging Civil Society

Katherine Ritchie

Does Identity Politics Reinforce Oppression? An Answer from Social Metaphysics

Rene Reich-Graefe

Bayesian Trust, Trust Intermediation & Boundary Spanning

Giuseppe Danese

Where Social Ontology Meets Economic Anthropology: A Theory of Value of Intrinsically Worthless Things

Sarah Braasch

Solving Lewis and Hart’s Problems with Normativity, Evolution, and Disagreement

Felipe León

Mutual Responsiveness in Action and Shared Action Spaces

Alex Ozar

Some Are Guilty, All Are Responsible

Block D: Friday, August 24, 9:00-10:30am

D1—Room #

D2—Room #

D3—Room #

D4—Room #

D5—Room #

D6—Room #

D7—Room #

Nature of Gender

Approaches to Oppression

Nature of Social Structure

Institutions as Agents

Collective Epistemology

Collective Attitudes and the Self

Metaphysics of Law


Charlotte Witt

Voluntarism About Gender

Robin Dembroff

Social Categories and the Politics of Recognition

César Cabezas

The Role of Motivation in Structural Explanations of Oppression

Michael Bratman

Institutional Functioning, Institutional Agency

Deborah Tollefsen

Group Knowledge is Group Know How

Genevieve Jacot-Guillarmod

Arguing for the Possibility of Group Self-Deception

Aleardo Zanghellini

Conceptual Analysis and the Nature of Law


Jade Fletcher

Can Gender Be Part of the Plan?

Anna Moltchanova

Intentional Institutional Agency In Oppressive Societies

Annette Martin

Biased Minds as Internalized Structural Phenomena: A Dual Account of Social Structure

Paul Dragos Aligica

Alternative Communities, Societies and Institutions: Social Ontology and the Cases of Deliberated Social Experiments In Creating Alternative Systems of Social Order

Chen Zhang

Group Ontology and the Right Group Epistemology

Megan Fritts

An Argument Against Causal Explanations of Akrasia

Dominic Alford-Duguid

General Jurisprudence as Descriptive Metaphysics


Derek Anderson

Gender Authenticity and Anti-Essentialism

Cynthia Stark

Gaslighting: Individual and Collective, Epistemic and Manipulative

Todd Jones

Culture Does Not Explain Behavior

Kendy Hess

Re-Bunking Corporate Agency

Seumas Miller

Judgment, Agency and Joint Epistemic Action

Benjamin Genta

On the Possibility of Group Forgiveness

Bartosz Janik

Legal Positivism and Varieties of Dependence

Block E: Friday, August 24, 11:00am-1:00pm

E1—Room #

E2—Room #

E3—Room #

E4—Room #

E5—Room #

E6—Room #

E7—Room #

Ontology and the Law

Nature and Types of Persons

Nature of Social Construction

Convention as Language

Moral Theory and Collectives

Collective Responsibility

Phenomenology of Social Ontology


Alice Schneider

Law Without Rules: Disputing Legal Normativity

Polycarp Ikuenobe

The Social Ontology of African Communalism and Personhood

Aaron Griffith

Anchoring Human Social Kinds

Kirk Ludwig + Marija Jankovic

Conventions and Status Functions

Facundo Alonso

Shared Intention, Morality, and Relational Normativity

Kathleen Wallace

Responsibility and Collective Practices

Mary Elizabeth Halper

A Platonic Perspective In Husserl’s Social Ontology


Adam Dyrda + Paweł Banaś

Were American Legal Realists Naïve Metaphysicians?

Aleksy Tarasenko-Struc

Interpersonal Invisibility and the Recognition of Other Persons

Brian Epstein

Anchoring as a Philosophical Tool

Vojtěch Zachník

Why Conventions Cannot Be Social Institutions?

Christina Friedlaender

Ideal Theory and Shared Intentions

Lauri Lahikainen

Climate Change and the Collective Responsibility For Infrastructure

David Zoller

Which Room Am I In? Arendt and Husserl On Collective Contexts and Homeless Minds


Daniel Cole

Persistent Problems In (Some) Social Scientific Conceptions of Property and Law

Heidi Savage

The Metaphysics and Politics of Personhood: Issues in the Social Ontology of Persons

Thomas Brouwer

Social Contradictions

Thomas Smith

Together' and 'Between Us'

Taylor Madigan

Shared Agency and Mutual Accountability

Leonie Smith

The Global Community and Remedial Responsibilities

Carmel Forde

According To Others


Visa Kurki, Säde Hormio, + Pekka Mäkelä

Collective Agents and Corporate Responsibility: Bringing Together Legal and Ontological Perspectives

John Cantwell + Tobey Scharding

Hegelian Collective Rationality, Recognition, and International Business

Jorge Garcia

Race and Social Construction: Some Difficulties

Sam Berstler

Social Acts and the Limits of Pretense

Larisa Svirsky

Responsibility as a Relational Property

Arto Laitinen + Joanna Bryson

Collective Responsibility To Prevent AI Systems From Becoming Responsible

Molly Flynn

The Intentional Structure of the Modern State

Block F: Friday, August 24, 2:30-4:00pm

F1—Room #

F2—Room #

F3—Room #

F4—Room #

F5—Room #

F6—Room #

F7—Room #

Approaches to Collective Intentionality

Nature of Norms

Collective Action

Collective Reasoning

History of Social Ontology

Oppressive Speech

Amelioration of Social Categories


Michael Schmitz

Toward A Layered Account of Collective Intentionality

Jose Luis Fernandez

Circularity In Searle’s Social Ontology: With A Hegelian Reply

Caitlin Fitchett

Shared Intentions and Intending To Merely Do One's Task

Don Ross + Wynn Stirling

Modeling Group Agency and Social Norms Using Conditional Game Theory

Hans Bernhard Schmid

The Sources of ‘We-Intention’: Sellars, Durkheim, and Collingwood

Cassie Herbert

Derogatives: Beyond Insults and Slurs

Kevin Craven

Amelioration and the Ethics of Gender Ascription: Why Changing Our Concepts Isn't Enough


David Strohmaier

Group Agency and Homuncularism

Maria Alejandra Madi

Dialogical Norms In A Peircean Approach To the Social World

Jules Salomone

Cooperation and Shared Intentional Actions

Roberto Fumagalli

Rationality and the Acquisition of Intentions: Why Rational Choice Theory Is Not Self-Defeating

Panagiotis Christias

The Social Ontology of Panajotis Kondylis: Metaphysics of the Social Being

Leo Townsend + Dina Townsend

Silencing Indigenous Groups

Elizabeth Cantalamessa

Disability Studies, Conceptual Engineering, and Metalinguistic Negotiation


Björn Petersson

We-Intentions and Immunity To Error Through Self-Misidentification

Richard Strong

Habitus Contra Background: Clarifying the Role of Socialization and Cognition For Social Ontology

Anna Strasser

Asymmetric Cases of Joint Actions

Todd Stambaugh + Rohit Parikh

Knowledge, Behavior, and Rationalizability

Kirun Sankaran

Adam Smith On Moral Sentiments In Structural Contexts

Teresa Marques

Dangerous Speech and Collective Action

Kurt Blankschaen

Are Mass Shooters A Social Kind?

Block G: Saturday, August 25, 11:00am-1:00pm

G1—Room #

G2—Room #

G3—Room #

G4—Room #

G5—Room #

G6—Room #

G7—Room #

Collective Morality

Collective Reasoning

Language and Social Ontology

Collective Responsibility

Fundamentality and the Social

Metaphysics of Social Groups

Metaphysics of Race


Arto Laitinen

Social Wrongs

Raul Hakli

Team Reasoning and the Irreducibility of Collective Intentionality

Grace Paterson

Speaking For Another

Mattias Gunnemyr

Political Responsibility Without Participation and Vice Versa: A Comment On Iris Marion Young’s Social Connection Model

Jonah Nagashima

What Counts As Fundamental?

August Faller

How Do Social Groups Persist?

Bernard Jackson

Awareness, Dependency, and the Heart of Blame


Edward Lenzo

Collective Moral Luck

Sabine Spangenberg

The Reframing of Social Choice Theory Under the Consideration of Conditional Self-Interest

Ronald Loeffler

Belief and Linguistic Understanding

William Tuckwell + Paul-Mikhail Catapang-Podosky

Can Social Groups Bear Obligations To Combat Structural Oppression?

Keyvan Shafiei

How Is This Stuff Fundamental?

Rohit Parikh

To What Extent Is A Group An Individual?

David Gray

Racial Objects: a Fanonian account of Race


Matthew Baddorf

A Theory of Collective Virtue

Dimitri Landa

Two Paths To We (As I)

Jessica Keiser

Perduring Languages

Säde Hormio

Non-Agential Collectives and Consumer Complicity For Climate Change

Imko Meyenburg

Vagueness and Social Ontology

Donald Baxter

Social Complexes and Aspects

Daniel Brinkerhoff Young

Racism without Races”—Socio-cultural Racialization, Latinxs, and Muslims


Kate Schmidt

Inclusivity As A Virtue of Social Groups

Helen Lauer

Scientific Consensus and the Discursive Dilemma

Douglas Edwards

Truth and Social Ontology

David Schweikard

Responsibility For Collective Inaction

Sara Bernstein

The Metaphysics of Intersectionality

Jani Hakkarainen

Constitution of Social Kinds As Generic Identity

Block H: Saturday, August 25, 2:30-4:00pm

H1—Room #

H2—Room #

H3—Room #

H4—Room #

H5—Room #

H6—Room #

H7—Room #

Sources of Collective Responsibility

Construction of Gender and Sexual Orientation

Metaphysics of Race

Nature of Legal Entities

Mutual Obligations

Social Kinds

Nature of Collective Intentionality


Niels de Haan

A Taxonomy of Prospective and Retrospective Moral Responsibility In Collective Contexts

Peter Finocchiaro

Intrinsic Masking and Sexual Orientation

Jared Riggs

Saying What Race and Gender Are

Orlando Poblete

Universal and Particular Standards In Negligence Law: A Journey Into the Epistemology of the Act of Judgement

Gunnar Björnsson

The Importance of Shared Obligations

René Lacroix

Is Face An Institution?

Tobias Schlicht

Grounding Collective Intentionality


Saba Bazargan-Forward

Collective Responsibility and Agentive Functions

Samantha Godwin

Deconstruction of Gender, Reification of Race; Inconsistent Theories of Social Ontology On the Left

Clarisse Paron

In Defence of A Metaphysics of Race

Amin Ebrahimi Afrouzi

The Ontological Subjectivity and Objectivity of State Law

Abe Roth

Directed Duties, Shared Agency, and Wronging Another

Emine Hande Tuna

Art As A Social Kind

Ben Curtis

Plural Subjects and the Question of Class Consciousness


James Swindler

Why Do We Care What Others Think? Should We?

Cristina Bernabéu

The Active Role of Technological Artifacts In Enacting Gender Norms: Collaborating With Normality

Kristina Meshelski

The Consequences of the Social Construction of Race For Social Contract Theory

Armando Perez-Gea

The Nature of the Political Association

Claudia Rosciglione

The Constitutive Aporia of the Relationship Between Individuals and Collectivity

Matthew Goldstein

Harmonic Ontologies

Matthew Smith

Reliance As A Source of Shared Action

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